She’ll take her cup of kindness yet

My sister Kathy has been popping over to the Columbia St. Mary’s Water Tower Medical Building every three weeks to receive treatment for the breast cancer she’s been battling since 2013. As is her style, she likes to keep it low key.

She and her husband Keith have their routine down – he drops her off, the valets greet Kathy and get her settled and she waits patiently, sipping the same tea she always brings and reading whatever material she has brought along with her.

Last week, the hospital we appreciate for its convenience, efficiency and willingness to consider cutting-edge solutions went a step beyond.

As Kathy got out of the car, her valet, Deneke Kedir, greeted her HOLDING THE TEA MUG SHE HAD LEFT THERE THREE WEEKS EARLIER.

“I hope you didn’t buy a new one!” he said. He’d washed the mug and kept it for her until her next appointment.

How’s that for a cup of kindness?! She didn’t even have to ask for it.

Kathy loves her tea. She drinks it extra hot and she lamented losing the giant mug that had been perfect for her. It’s called a Mighty Mug for a very good reason.

“It doesn’t tip over no matter how hard you knock it,” she said. (And, I have to say, some mugs sound exactly like their owners.)

She figured she left it behind during her last treatment when she got distracted by some excitement happening outside the treatment room windows.

“In the chaos of running outside to see the air show practice and getting back to meet Keith, I left it somewhere,” she said. “I came back later to look for it.”

Another valet, Maurice Preston, let Kathy park in the valet spot while they looked around for her mug but they didn’t find the mug that day, and she figured it was gone for good.

Turns out Deneke had rescued it and was saving it for her. He would not take the tip Kathy offered (though she sent a thank you note with a little something in it anyway).

The thing about cups of kindness like these is that they overflow and send warm waves of goodwill out into the world.

So, if you’re ever heading into the Water Tower Medical Building, say hi to the valets, Deneke and Maurice, stationed there and thank them sincerely for all they do.

Here’s the Mighty Mug, next to the old replacement mug she had repaired with a You Are Beautiful sticker and was using again temporarily.
And this is Kathy and her valet team, Deneke on the left and Maurice on the right.

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