The state’s cheesiest run is also its tastiest

All organized runs have their draw. For some it’s the course with its challenges or beautiful scenery. For others it’s the competition or timing or charitable cause.

I can say without reservation that, for me and, I suspect, many others, the appeal –the whole point, really — of the Cheesehead Run is the food.

My oh my what a spread!

I’d heard about this run for years from my husband. It’s by far his favorite race of the year. But I’d never been able to participate until this year.

We took off midpack and cleared the charming town of Hilbert before we found our stride. Then it was a simple out and back past an idling fire truck and we clomped toward home — a couple of plow horses heading for the barn.

I heard my name as I crossed the finish line. Then I heard it again as I made my way back along the course to take some pictures. After I heard it a third time, I took my racing bib off because clearly I was inadvertently confusing the finish line spotters.

Rookie error.

Eventually we made our way to the food tent I’d been hearing about for years. And there it was: oatmeal with all the fixings and homemade granola, Caesar Salad, roasted hot dogs with sauerkraut, brisket with a tangy horseradish sauce, cookies, scones and, because this was a Wisconsin race, string cheese, chocolate milk and beer.

I know oatmeal doesn’t sound all that exciting but, trust me, this stuff was decadent. It tasted like a warm cookie you could tell yourself was healthy and she’d pretend to believe you.

With the food tent stationed right outside the Village Hearthstone Restaurant and cheerful servers constantly restocking, everyone got to enjoy the all-you-can-eat extravaganza (though non participants are asked to pay a fair $10 fee to dig in).

I highly recommend the race billed the “cheeziest” and most delicious in Wisconsin.

The obligatory pre-race early morning selfie.
I was shooting the finish line when I heard my name called a second and third time. Whoops.
But I did get some decent shots from my sweaty cellphone camera…like this cheesy dad and his sweet little mouse.
And this lady who ran the whole race wearing a cheesehead hat. “It wasn’t easy,” she said when I applauded her thematic commitment.
And this little guy who raced his own stroller to the finish line
And this guy looking pretty fresh as he heads toward the finish line.
Then, there’s no better way to say this, we bellied up and dug in.
Homemade granola
Cookies and scones
I didn’t want to be too obnoxious and hold up the line while I took pictures (also it was a little too early in the morning for me to chow down on brisket and beer) but man oh man did I love that oatmeal.

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