A big, big move

With apologies to those who would have preferred to have heard this news in person, we are using this space to announce some very big news.

We have decided to pull up stakes and move permanently to our cabin in the woods. There is a time for every season, and we think spring is the perfect time to make our way into a world of limited Wi-Fi and unlimited tree sap.

While we’ll be sad to leave a city we love, we are looking forward to challenging ourselves to live off our own land. We want to become Wisconsin’s Dick Proenneke (except there will be two of us and we won’t be filming anything and you’re welcome for that.)

We know plenty of fish frolic unbothered in the river that runs past our cabin because we’ve seen other people occasionally pull them out. We also know lots of wildlife roam the woods on our land because we’ve seen them on our trail cams and we’ve studied their tracks (though we can’t identify all of them quite yet).

I’ll be transplanting some of my miner’s garlic, and planting other herbs as well. I’ve been seed shopping all week.

We would have liked to have told you all of this in person, but there just isn’t time. We want to get settled before shearing season.

Also, when you make a move like this, we know it’s best to do it on

April Fool’s Day!

Homes in our neighborhood sell so quickly you probably never even saw this sign πŸ˜‰
This was supposed to be an American Gothic picture, but my better half preferred to take the picture, rather than be in it. He lent me his coat, though, so there’s that.
Happy April Fool’s Day! (And, just to be clear, we’re not moving. We like our front porch too much and stroller season has just begun!

8 thoughts on “A big, big move

  1. I was going to say that is exactly what I want to be doing….well there is always the thought…Good one on 4/1

    1. Thanks Mark. I feel like you’d do a better job with that kind of life than we would. 😏

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