Dear 77, Welcome to Lambeau

Dear Billy Turner,

Welcome to Lambeau. We like what you have to say about the place and we think you’ll fit right in.

You’re a Midwestern guy, so we won’t waste any time with tips on how to play in the frozen tundra. We just hope you get to experience the thrill of playing at Lambeau Field late in January when a trip to the Super Bowl is on the line.

We’re not going to try to armchair coach your stance or your blocking technique or your quickness off the ball. As a five-year veteran whose started at both guard and tackle positions, we think you’ve got that covered. We also think you’re hitting your stride at just the right time and we’re excited to see what you can do.

What we would like to talk to you about is that number on your jersey. See, we’ve been wearing good ole number 77 to Packer games since before you were born and we’ll be wearing it the first time you run into that stadium too (though it will be a little topsy turvy to see that number on the offensive side of the ball).

We know a thing or two about what that particular Packer jersey stands for because our dad, Ron Kostelnik, wore it for eight great years in that very stadium when he and his teammates brought home three world championships and two Super Bowls.

No pressure, Billy, but we’re hoping you and the fellas can bring that kind of magic back to Green Bay. Last year was an anomaly, trust me. That stadium was made for greatness.

We’ll see you out there, Billy.

Now, Go Pack Go!

P.S. Raymond Rivard wrote this nice piece about the best Packer player to wear number 77. I’m just posting it here for inspiration. Who knows? Maybe next time they rank the 77s there will be a tie for number one. 🙂

The peanuts in this photo have grown up a little since it was taken, but they’re all still fans of good ole 77 and they’ll be fans of yours too if you give them something to cheer about.
We’ll be right there for you, wearing our 77 jerseys. Go Pack Go!
As you can see, I’ve been a fan of 77 for a very long time.
And this 77 (and his amazing teammates, including the great Willie Davis) gave us a lot to cheer about.
I know gold and green 77 jerseys are nothing new to you. You wore it well as a two-time consensus All American at North Dakota State. But, I hope you find wearing the Packer 77 jersey even more inspiring. Go Pack Go! (P.S. I noticed that you were also invited to several MLB prospect camps as a pitcher and first basemen coming out of high school, so, hopefully we’ll see you on Davante’s squad for the annual softball game this summer.)

5 thoughts on “Dear 77, Welcome to Lambeau

  1. Let’s hope new Packer Billy can do your dad and the rest of the Packerdom proud wearing 77. Go Pack Go!!

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