In like a lion

Dear March,

I’m sure you’re used to warmer receptions, but we’re all a little stiff from our icy hunch through February and we’re afraid to open our curtains in the morning because we don’t know what meteorological horror awaits us on the other side of that pane.

So, pardon us if we don’t fling open our front doors and bear hug you into our foyers.

We’re a weary bunch right now, peaking cautiously around huge mounds of dirty snow and wondering how low the wind chill will drop today.

You wouldn’t know it from out tepid whoop, but we’re very glad to see you.

So, stop slouching! Remember, you’re the only third month of the year we have!

You have to come in like a lion, man. You’re our only hope.

Ya gotta roar!

You’re a festive month full of crazy holidays like Mardis Gras and Saint Patrick’s Day. You’re March! Spring breaks! Green beer! Parades!

Stand tall! You can’t let a little month like February get you down. You’re better than that.

Stand up and show ’em what for. Woosh a little, for Pete’s sakes! Enjoy the weekend.

Then, each day after, you’re going to get a little quieter, a little warmer, a little brighter.

We need spring baa baa back for real and that means you need to step up your game! You’re going out like a lamb, because you’re MARCH and you can do it.

Ready, set, go!

Is it just me, or does this lion look like it’s rolling its eyes? And, just look at that undignified icicle dripping off its mane! If this is March coming in like a lion, we’re in big trouble. We need March to gently roll out spring, one sunny but not too suddenly warm day at a time.

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