Ice Ice Baby

There’s something terrifyingly beautiful about ice, which hangs in rich abundance all through Minneapolis.

It swoops down from rooftops like seasonal stalactites, stills mighty rivers and turns Minnehaha Falls into Minnehaha Stops-And-Preens-for-A-While.

In town for some preliminary wedding planning and, fortunately, in the company of some of the warmest people we know, we stepped carefully through a frozen city and marveled at the stunning views.

One mighty icycle dropped dramatically from the corner of a stately old house in a threatening trident that sequed incongruously into dancing fairies.

Mother Nature set up a cool art walk all through the city and, had it not been for a brisk wind and a busy schedule, I would have enjoyed strolling through and enjoying the show.

Of course, the irony of natural ice art is that the conditions that create it make it difficult to enjoy in a leisurely manner. Also, I lost a glove.

So, I took a few pictures and hustled back to the warmth and camaraderie of our group.

You are beautiful in any season, Minneapolis, but I think I like you better when you shed your winter whites.

It was -16 Saturday morning as we made our way across Wisconsin to Minneapolis. Fortunately, we had Big Cheese Radio to distract us. #RoadTrip
I saw a beautiful sunrise through the ice that formed on the car window.
There are stalactite sculptures all over Minneapolis. Some of them look pretty threatening.
Others, like this one, start out in a menacing manner and end with dancing fairies. This is all one icycle though. Pretty cool
And, speaking of cool, Minnehaha Falls is a frozen masterpiece. We learned the various colors occur based on the air temperature when the water froze. The blue ice froze quickly.
Then, the sun started to set and added even more color.
So gorgeous. So dangerous. And so cold.
We had a great weekend with this fun group, fortunately some of the warmest people I know. And I really appreciate all of them taking time out from our wedding planning to traipse down to some icy splendor so I could take a photo or two.

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