Dear winter of 2019

We’re very impressed with you here in Wisconsin. You’ve racked up some record numbers and enjoyed the kind of week we’ll all be talking about for years. Why, just the other morning you scored a -26 on my car’s dashboard temperature gauge and that’s without any help from the wind.

You closed schools and essential businesses, caused massive travel delays and rendered U.S. Postal workers, the heartiest of us all, homebound. Your blizzard blitzkrieg swept through and left icy drifts in its wake.

You have to agree you’ve left an impressive mark for one so young, just a handful of weeks into the year.

I’d tip my hat to you, but it’s currently anchored to my head by two layers of scarves.

I’m writing to you as a fan, a sled-rider, an ice-skater, a photography hobbyist and a person who enjoys a good, deep breath of germ-killing cold air.

It’s time to retire. Go out now, at the peak of your game and we’ll part in mutual admiration. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Tomorrow is a big day for you and I think you should consider it carefully.

Leave the groundhog alone. I’m begging you. Cast no shadow that way and you’ll seal your fate as an epic winter. We’ll always remember the way you froze our tears to our eyelashes and iced up the grocery store parking lots so thickly no one could push a cart anywhere.

You’re already a legend, so why not bow out gracefully? Stand down and let a younger season have its moment to shine. Spring might be a nice choice.

I’ve been around a while now and I know a thing or two about ego-driven winters and their drive to be the coldest, snowiest, most miserable of all time. Dude, you’re already there.

Now, take a deep bow and exit, stage left.


Oh, you’re a beauty. I’ll give you that. You’re a poser and when you stretch those long, gorgeous sunsets over your frozen lakes, you almost have me convinced you should hang around.
I like the way your ice shoves sparkle like diamonds…and then I remember that, if I don’t sprint to my idling car right after I shoot you, my finger will stick irrevocably to my camera.
You’d go out in style if you retired now, with all that lacy ice on a river that never freezes.
You’ve been a lovely winter.
This one was before that whole Polar Vortex stunt you pulled.
You’ve got your charms winter of 2019, but…
It’s time to give it up to the Groundhog. Take your shadow and skeedaddle. And, if you want to see what happens when the groundhog does see his shadow, check this out:

9 thoughts on “Dear winter of 2019

    1. Thank you so much! I shot most of those last night, though, and it was really cold. I’m ready for some spring photography 🙂

  1. Nice photos, Laura. But the storm had all of my domestic flights cancelled so I missed the one from Houston to Santiago, and, GOD willing I should be able to start again tomorrow morning and get to Chile three days later.

    1. A friend of mine referred to it as retched beauty and that seemed about right. We’re on the way back to more reasonable temperatures now though.

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