Celebrate good times, come on!

My mother jitterbugged into her ninth decade on a dance floor full of friends and family.

She wore a fresh corsage pinned onto her shoulder by her lifelong friend and high school prom date, Larry, and brought a spare pair of dancing shoes to a venue full of both memories and plans.

My mom likes to tell people she plans to die young after a long and full life. We watched her dance her party guests under the table and understood exactly what she meant.

Mom danced with Larry, just like they used to do in the basement of her house in Cincinnati with their friends Bill and Beanie. She danced with her grandson Vinnie, who wore his grandfather’s college letter jacket, and with Irv, her friend, who is a retired doctor. Then she urged everyone to join her on the floor through a rousing rendition of Shout!

Larry, who also turns 80 this week, gave a touching speech. My mom’s friend Barb sang a special rendition of Peg O’ My Heart, which included this passage: “Finding the youthful potion. To Orlando she goes. Disneyland knows. Magic Kingdom is the elixir and the perfect aging fixer.”

Throughout the three-hour party, my mom rarely left the dance floor and, when she did make her way around the room to chat with her friends, I spotted her cutting the rug in the back of the room as well.

Here’s to my mom on her 80th birthday, to her friend Larry on his, and to every opportunity life offers us to celebrate good times. Come on!

Here’s a little pre-party picture of my mom and my kids following an afternoon jitterbug practice shesh. I love this picture and these people so much. They came from coast to coast to help their grandma celebrate and we all had an excellent time.
My mom’s lifelong friend Larry and his wife Vivienne came early so he would have time to give my mom a corsage, just like he did for his high school prom.
How cute and touching is this?
Happy birthdays to the Cincinnati kids.
Mom and more of her grandkids, the follically gifted Kostelniks
My mom and her friends Stan and Barb Brown. Barb sang my mom an updated version her rendition of “Peg ‘O My Heart,” just like she did 10 years ago to celebrate my mom’s 70th.
A few members of my mom’s 2:00 swim club joined the fun.
And spent lots of time on the dance floor.

My mom’s tennis friends have a lot of fun on and off the court.
Wouldn’t we all love to dance our way through milestone birthdays? (The green specs are from the disco ball and, though they made photo taking a little tricky, I think we all should celebrate life with disco balls too).
Grandma Peggy and most of her grandchildren (We missed you Olivia and Traveain!)

9 thoughts on “Celebrate good times, come on!

  1. How wonderful and HOW TRUE. The invitation to join many of us at the 11:00 AM. Zumba class at the Appleton Y on Mondays and Wednesday’s still stands. Gold Zumba.
    Great birthday celebration, thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Birthday & God bless your mom. She looks great & seems never to age. We’d like to know her secret. Nick Roseann & Lisa.

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