A tree grows in my family room

Yesterday, I thought I spotted a tall human in the window as I pulled my car into the driveway.

No one should have been home at that time, and I quickly ran through the possibilities, at least one of which involved some sort of stranger danger.

“Hello?” I called out in what I hoped was a cheerful and non-threatening manner as I opened the side door.

I looked up and then I remembered.

I am the proud new owner of a guard tree.

Re-gifted to me by a neighbor, the tree is not universally loved in our family.

My husband suggested I give it to a teacher for some sort of classroom project. Reached by phone, my daughter Molly, a brutal realist, reckoned that I wouldn’t have to worry about where to put the tree for long. Ouch. (Though it’s true that my thumb has not always the greenest.)

The tree has a Seussian quality and, even as I type this, I can practically hear it singing, “Notice me Horton.”

It lists heavily to one side and may suffer from some form of spruce scoliosis.

Still, that tree’s a proud araucaria heterophyllaar, which, if you say that first part right, might sound like, “a Laura, are ya?” I feel like we’re bonding.

I think I might name her.

Francie seems right.

What do you think?

This tree has only been here a day or two, but I think we’re becoming friends.

I feel like it might be time for me to re-read this gem.

10 thoughts on “A tree grows in my family room

  1. I do not have a suggestion for a name… you are much more clever than I, but I do have a tree just like that 😊 It was given to me as a gift when it was just at tiny little thing. Now it is far from tiny. I water it by putting a pitcher full of ice cubes in the pot when the soil gets dry. That is my hint of the day….. now you have inspired me to give my tree a name too. It does seem to have a quirky personality. I’ll work on that. Have a good day!

    1. Thank you for the tip! I was wondering how often to water it. Do you also think it needs to be re-potted?

  2. A beautiful Norfolk pine! Don’t think repotting is necessary at this time. The ice cube regimen for watering sounds good. Some fertilizer in spring/summer would make Francie happy πŸ˜ƒ
    Nice surprise tome home toπŸ‘

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