Our neighborhood ornament elf

We live in an enviable neighborhood, not for it’s zip code, or architecture or even the park for which its named.

The real asset of our neighborhood is its people and the way they treat each other.

Yesterday, we found a small package hanging from our door knob. This is not unusual in our neck of the woods, where one neighbor celebrates May Day annually by sneaking fresh flowers and homemade treats onto front porches, and others deliver pies and cookies randomly throughout the year.

The cheerful gift back, anonymous but for the recognizable talent it took to produce what we found within, contained hand-made ornaments for our Christmas tree.

One celebrated the engagement of our son Charlie and his fiancee Tara, another showcased our growing family and a third was for Vince and me.

I placed all three next to the ornament we received last year and I loved to think about other people up and down or street doing the same.

So, consider this a public thank you note to Susie, our neighborhood ornament elf, who would remain anonymous if only her work wasn’t so clever.

P.S. We’re celebrating the Winter Solstice tonight by heading to the airport to welcome Charlie and Katherine, who will be flying our way from the exact opposite ends of the country but meeting in Chicago simultaneously for their last leg home. It’s a Christmas miracle we hope the travel gods allow us all to celebrate.

I hope all of your holiday travelers make their way home smoothly and that you all have the merriest weekend.

This is last year’s gift from our ornament elf.
The Erb Park neighborhood section of our Christmas tree.
The Erb Park section of our Christmas tree.
A special ornament celebrating Charlie and Tara’s engagement.
This year, Vince and I received our own special ornament.

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