Sunday morning snow

“Well,I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person.”
–Sylvia Plath
Some snowfalls land gently, like a lace tablecloth on an old, scared dining room table. That’s how Sunday morning’s snow seemed to me.
It approached without fanfare before dawn, tidied up the ground outside our cabin and ran its feather duster over all the trees.
I peeked out the window, tickled by the view. Then I made my way to the front porch where I stood in my jammies and treated myself to the cold, sweet air.
Sunday morning snow falls with particular magic — no hasty shoveling, no frantic search for boots and gloves, just time for reverence and the appreciation of nature’s simple beauty.
I took a morning walk with friends and we felt lucky to tramp along peacefully in the snow-muted woods. I thought about the inevitability of seasons and the comforting reliability of friendship.
It felt good to celebrate both.
I had a second reason for celebrating the snow and, later, we all headed to Lambeau to watch our Packers trip up the Dolphins on a nicely frozen tundra.
Sometimes, a little snow, and a dependable running game, are all you need.
Go Pack Go!
We enjoyed our morning walk through a lacy canopy of snowy branches.
The river stood still for a while. I think it paused to appreciate the morning’s beauty as well.
I prefer this river in the summer, when we can enjoy a peaceful float. But, I think it’s beautiful during any season.
My view from our front porch Sunday morning. I thought you might like to enjoy the snow, so I shot this short video. If you stick out your tongue, a snowflake might land on it…

That peaceful snow served another purpose yesterday afternoon when it rolled out a nice, slippery white carpet for the Dolphins.

Mondays are always a little sweeter after Packer wins. Go Pack Go!

Our tailgating group including friends and family yesterday, at least one of which was (shhh!) a Dolphin fan. We love him anyway.

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning snow

  1. You are so lucky to have snow. I currently live in DFW area of Texas and we get ice pellets instead of snow. As a native New Englander, I miss catching snowflakes on my tongue and the beautiful landscape after a snowfall. Instead I worry about falling on my rear. Beautiful pictures. And congrats on yesterday’s win.

    1. Thank you. We had an icy patch on our driveway one year that I could not get rid off. If I had a nickel every time I flew up in the air carrying groceries when I hit that patch, I’d be a wealthy woman. I should have charged admission to that particular comedy show. Ice pellets sound painful on the face. It would be nice to get a rematch with your Patriots this season.

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