Uh oh! The neighborhood just got sweeter

Did you ever pop into a bakery to buy a single treat and walk out with a dozen?

That’s what happened to me Wednesday afternoon when I popped into Whisk and Arrow to buy a friend of mine an after school snack.

Tucked away on a busy street in a building that, ironically, used to be my dentist’s office, Whisk and Arrow is an unassuming little bake shop that produces really elegant treats. In many ways I’m glad I just discovered it, because I gobbled up everything I tasted there and if I don’t stop soon none of my clothes will fit.

Macaroons? Mouthwatering.

Carrot Cake? Divine.

And don’t even get me started on the chocolate chip cookies that I bought for my friend because I’ve already eaten two and they’re as big as my head.

Owner Nea Hahn and her staff of five bake everything from scratch. During my visit, one baker squeezed and grated lemons for homemade lemon curd, another chopped squash for an intriguing  pumpkin jam and another vigorously grated chocolate from a giant block.

I spotted a pineapple and said, “Oh, wow. Do you use fresh pineapple in your cookies?”

They use fresh everything in their baked goods.

The cookie I’m currently munching, called “Not My Cookie”, is made of an absolutely delicious combination of pineapple, dried cherries, almond, white chocolate, walnuts and coconut. Come on!

I intend to order a custom cake as soon as I work off the goodies I’ve already consumed.

Hahn, who moved to the United States from her native Brazil 12 years ago, attended the International Culinary Center, the former French Culinary Institute, for Pastry Arts. Her work reflects that training.

I followed Whisk and Arrows on Instagram and my mouth watered the whole time I scrolled through their captivating news feed.

This little video captures the warmth of both Hahn’s sugar studio and her personality. I walked in on an ordinary Wednesday and left with a big box of goodies and an it’s-a-holiday-somewhere smile.

I’m in big trouble because Whisk and Arrow is walking distance from my house. I’m going to have to be very disciplined when the weather turns cold and I need a little pick-me-up.

But, I suggest you hustle on over there this Saturday and score yourself some goodies.

You’ll thank me for the tip, which reminds me that I need to thank my friend Tami, who told me about Whisk and Arrow quite some time ago.

Next time we walk, my friend, we’re going to need to head east.

Yum yum!

I just met Nea on Wednesday when I popped in for a cookie (and left with a whole armful of treats). Now, I feel like we’re friends and I am looking forward to my next visit.
The Whisk and Arrow team uses fresh ingredients in all their baked goods. This fresh squash will be cooked down for pumpkin jam used in filling for macaroons and cakes. (You will not be surprised to read I tried a pumpkin macaroon and it was delicious).
Homemade lemon curd from hand-squeezed lemons. I had a lemon macaroon during my visit and it was so rich and tasty!
I’m not sure on which confection all that hand-grated chocolate is headed, but I’d love to find out!
They sold out of cookies while I was there but I was fortunate to snag a bunch of these. Yum yum!
These macaroons are the best I’ve ever tasted and, if you’ve ever had a disappointing macaroon experience (and who among us hasn’t?) you can wash that experience away with a taste of one of these.
Here’s part of my stash, dwarfing the glass of milk between them. Nea sprinkles just the right amount of kosher salt on her giant chocolate chip cookies to make them extra tasty. And those Not My Cookies, my oh my, they were a treat!







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  1. I was lucky enough to discover Nea and Whisk & Arrow almost a year ago! What a delight she is!

    (By the way, those delicious little french lovelies are macarons, NOT macaroons! Big difference. 😉)

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