Happy birthday America

Dear America,

You’re 242-years old today and some might say you’re showing your age. You’re like a cranky old neighbor, mean to the children and way too fastidious about your yard

Others might say you have a lot of growing up to do. You’re like an angry child, railing against the very people trying to keep you safe and wanting things NOW before you’ve figured out how to pay for them.

You’ve had a rough year and I know you’re worn out. Your heart, which has always been the very best part of you, aches for all of the pain you see and you just want everyone to get along.

After all these years, you’d like a little peace and quiet on your special day, am I right?

But, think about it America. Is that really who you are?

You weren’t born gently, you came screaming into the world — a fierce and uninvited force, determined to preserve individual liberty.

It’s a beautiful concept, no?

Ah, but it comes at such a cost! Anger, pain, misunderstanding, and even death all bravely suffered in its name. You’ve had some big battles in your life and each time you’ve emerged stronger and with a clearer focus on what the word “liberty” really means.

That’s why you can’t rest now. I mean, enjoy your party tonight and your glorious sunrise tomorrow. But, then, you have to get up and get moving.

There’s plenty of work to be done. So, buck up! Be brave! Stand strong! Listen!

And, Happy birthday, America. You’re more beautiful than you know.

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