Planting seeds of hope in an indoor garden

With snow still piled outside the window, we planted seeds of hope in an indoor garden yesterday.

A little friend helped me choose the seeds and we ended up with quite an eclectic collection — True Lavender, to remind me of an excellent afternoon I spent on Washington Island last summer, Bouquet Dill, for it’s yellow flowers and pickle-flavoring capabilities, Oregano, because it makes pizza better, Basil, because it makes everything taste better, Jalapeño, because one of us claims to be able to eat a whole one without sweating at all, and, the most optimistic seeds of all, watermelon, because we think it will be hilarious to grow a giant melon in our small indoor brick garden.

We prepared the soil as well as we could ahead of time, mixed in some Miracle Grow, and planted each group of seeds in its own special plot. Then we watered, raised the shade for some sun, and crossed our fingers that eventually we’ll see some healthy growth.

We’ve been warned by well meaning folk about the difficulty of raising healthy plants in an indoor, brick plantar like ours, and we’re prepared for some setbacks.

Some days, we’ll probably overwater, and others we may forget to raise the window shade. We’d sure appreciate some tips from any experienced indoor gardeners out there.

We’re not sure how well this project will go but we do know this: we’re all going to do the best we can — intrepid gardeners and brave seeds — and we’re going to cheer even the slightest sprout.

It can be a cold world out there sometimes and we feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity to grow some greenery and good cheer. With any luck, we’ll be making pesto in a month.

And, if we do manage to grow a watermelon, you’ll be the first to know.

The “mint” is actually dill, because we couldn’t find a dill marker, and the watermelon has a spot all its own on the north corner of our little plot. Wish us luck with this project. Like anything else in life, we’re going to do the best we can every day and hope for the best.

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