Lavender Fields forever

One week after my camera bonked me so hard on the bridge of my nose that I saw stars and nursed a visible wound, I invited her to a spectacular outing.

Observers of our little mishap might have concluded that I had simply forgotten I had my camera strapped around my neck, so when I bent low to place a bag on the floor and then stood up quickly, it swung up and smacked my face. This would be the scientific explanation and would presume a level of clumsiness I’m not ready to claim.

Instead, the way I see it, having been ignored for most of the summer in favor of a quicker, less cumbersome smartphone, my camera’s feelings were hurt. She wanted to get my attention so she could spend the day with me and remind me of all the special times we shared.

Yesterday, I mea culpa-ed her by taking my camera to Washington Island, where we allowed every single sense to bask in the beauty of Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm.

Molly came too because she’s been obsessed with lavender for years.

We began by sitting outside Le Petit Bistro, where we enjoyed an incredible view of the lavender fields while we sipped lavender infused tea and shared a lavender and lemon mousse torte and a Door County cherry scone with lavender frosting. (Hey! That ferry ride over made us very hungry!)

While we snacked, Marie Anderson, a co-founder of the lavender farm, stopped by our table to chat. She and Molly enjoyed a lively conversation about cooking with lavender and I felt, for a little while, like I was watching Mary Berry offer consul in an episode of the Great British Bakeoff.

They agreed that the lavender torte was a great bake, with even layers and just the right amount of lavender, which can be a very overpowering flavor.

Meanwhile, I snuck photos and forkfuls of all that lavendery goodness.

Then Molly and I explored the lavender fields. At one point, we laid down between rows and thought we might stay there forever. The plants hummed with bees and smelled like peace.

Reluctantly, we peeled ourselves off that fragrant ground and headed home, toting Lavender Hydrosol Spray (locally grown and distilled), lavender truffles, dried lavender, and lavender apple cider. I’m not normally a cider drinker, but that stuff was amazing.

We all — my camera, my daughter and I — recommend a trip to Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm. For all you non-Wisconsinites, it’s right off the tip of Wisconsin’s thumb.

The good news is, you’re just in time. Next week is the All Things Lavender Festival, where you can celebrate peak bloom and the beginning of harvest.

Molly was in her glory amid all that gorgeous lavender.
A kind guest then offered to take a picture of us.
Molly took a shot of me…
…shooting this shot of this Monarch Butterfly, which flew admirably well, despite its wounded right wing.
Such a pretty little lavender farm!
These blossoms hummed with bees. Lavender fields offer a little something for all your senses.
The first picture my camera and I took when we arrived. Later, we saw Marie hustle out to her fields to direct cyclists away from her lovely plants and toward these cute bike posts.
This lavender lemon torte was a lovely bake.
Molly and the French born Martine Anderson, who, with her husband and business partners, brought Giverny to Door County, Wisconsin.
We didn’t want to leave.







7 thoughts on “Lavender Fields forever

  1. Great promotion to expose people to beauty and fragrance. And some learning: I did not know one could use lavander in cooking. Thanks.

  2. Hi Molly. I came across your blog post about our farm and Martine and I thank you for telling our story. You captured the beauty of our farm so nicely!. We would liketo share this on our Facebook page and wanted to know if you’re ok with that. Kind regards!

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