How to have a ball for $4.95

I’m no luddite, but I do enjoy some simple pleasures — long walks, good books, sidewalk chalk, porch swings, and climbing branches that hang thick and low.

Earlier this week, we bought a rubber ball, an impulse purchase we scooped up along with a tomato and some sliced cheese.

We spent $4.95 for the ball and, if you figure cost per use, it paid for itself by lunchtime.

Basic ball technology has not changed much in 2,000 years, which is almost the same number of the games they inspire. Sunday afternoon we invented a game that combined seven sports and kept us entertained and outside for a good long while.

We just called out Soccer! Football! Baseball! Bowling! Kickball! Volleyball! Tennis! when each player received the ball, and then the player sent the ball back accordingly.

Since then, we’ve used the ball to shoot hoops in the driveway, and practice soccer kicks against the garage door. It’s been a forgiving little friend as we chased it through mud puddles and lingering piles of snow.

Last night we took it to the park and tossed it around for a while. I enjoyed one of the best evening workouts I’ve had in a long time.

I’m grateful for technology and all the conveniences it brings. I’m not giving up my smartphone anytime soon. But, it sure is fun to set it down every now and then and play like we did when I was a kid.

It’s painted like a soccer ball, but you can use this little $4.95 gem to play any sport you like.




2 thoughts on “How to have a ball for $4.95

  1. Love thinking of things we did as kids.. would bounce ball once, then twice, then threes was against a wall and one you had turn around in a circle. Too bad the kids now don’t know the simple things like balls… hopscotch… marbles….

    1. I had forgotten about the once, twice and threes against the wall. That’s a good one too

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