Spring in Wisconsin

We hear spring in Wisconsin long before we see it — the sweet call of the first brave robin, the squish of mud beneath our feet, the cheerful babble of river water finally flowing free.

Driveway basketballs bounce off pavement finally cleared of ice, swings creek happily in the park and people chat on street corners as they take their Sunday strolls.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a last run down the sled hill we carved in the berm next to our cabin. By my third run, I’d shed my jacket and I paused at the bottom of the hill to rest in the sun for a bit.

After a long winter, 53 degrees in the Wisconsin Northwoods feels like spring break and I enjoyed it as long as I could.

Later, back in town, we played a little driveway basketball, our own brand of March Madness, and that felt refreshing too.

A steady stream of walkers, joggers and bikers made their way past our house and it felt like a rite of passage to stop and wave as they meandered past.

The crocuses will be here soon, and the tulips and daffodils will follow.

Let’s make the most of each extra moment of daylight, and pause every now and then to let springtime warm our souls.

Spring sunshine makes great lines in the last of the winter snow. We’ve tramped these paths many times all bundled up. Yesterday, we walked in shirtsleeves and listened to the happy chatter of the sunny woods.
Freed of all its winter ice, this stream cut an impressive path through the woods, and reflected the trees nicely.
I paused after my last run down (which is to my left out of frame) and rested in the sun for a while. (Photo credit Vince Biskupic, who artistically included the trees and their shadows in this shot.)
…and speaking of Vince. We enjoyed a little driveway basketball when we got back to Appleton…which led to this GIF of my signature shot that I am egotistically posting in honor of spring. How do you celebrate March Madness?



4 thoughts on “Spring in Wisconsin

    1. You forgot to mention if your garlic started to come up yet. Mine has been up for about a month , It has been covered with snow a few times and will be again as we are getting a new snow storm at this time. We are to get 8 to10 in. Merry First Day Of Spring. Nick………

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