If you can’t beat winter, join it

It should be pretty clear to all of us by now that the groundhogs weren’t faking it (though who could blame them) when they saw their shadows this year and headed back to their dens to sleep off six more weeks of winter.

In fact, for those of us sticking frozen fingers in the wind north of the Mason Dixon Line, six weeks seems pretty optimistic.

Am I right?

In our house, winter needed a little rebrand, so I grabbed our scruffy little rodent friend and hauled him out to enjoy the weekend.

We toured the ice sculptures in downtown Appleton, skated at Erb Park, hopped a snowmobile outside the famous Numb Nutts Festival on Shawano Lake, went for a little sled ride down the berm outside our cabin and took the old snow shoes out for a walk.

Later, we warmed our toes by the fire and sipped a little cabernet, which always seems like a winter wine to me.

All in all, we enjoyed a pretty great weekend.

I’m not saying I want this season to go on forever. The outdoor yoga season can come anytime, as far as I’m concerned.

But, if you can’t beat winter, you might as well enjoy it. Maybe next year the little rascals will ignore their shadows and come out and play.

He’s waving a white flag in all these pictures, because he thinks he wants to be left along. But, really, our groundhog enjoyed my winter rebrand. We went ice skating…
…and snow shoeing…
…and sled riding (ignore the panicked look on his face. He was having fuuuuuuuun!)…
We took in the ice sculptures in downtown Appleton. (When’s winter going to end? No idea!).
And hopped aboard a snow mobile outside the Numb Nutts Festival. Don’t believe me?
I kid you not.
It was an interesting crowd. People walked around with raw meat on their shoulders.
But they had cool signs (S/O to Charlie)
The whole scene exhausted us, so we wrapped up our day with a nice glass of cabernet by the fire. See? Winter can be fun.

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