My second most embarrassing Mile of Music Moment

My second most embarrassing Mile of Music moment happened midway through Mile 3.

By then a know-it-all veteran of two Miles, I lounged in Houdini Plaza, chatting amiably with assembled family members.

“Hey, there’s Benny,” I said to my husband. “I’m going to tell him how great that Swear and Shake set was.”

“That’s not Benny,” he said.

Drunk on knowledge, I ignored him.

“Hey, Benny,” I said to the familiar looking, friendly man who had just passed by. “We’re huge fans of Swear and Shake. Loved your last set.”

He looked at me a little oddly and thanked me for my support.

It wasn’t Benny.

Not at all.

How embarrassing. My husband Vince found the whole thing hilarious.

Later that night, I received a text message from Vince while I was enjoying a concert at the Outer Edge and he was at another concert at Jones Park.

This is the photo he sent me:


That’s Benny from Swear and Shake on Vince’s right, and Richie from Wild Adriatic, the guy I had  mistaken for Benny, on his left.

This picture is remarkable for many reasons. The first is that Vince almost never poses for pictures. The second is that, as you can see, Benny and Richie look nothing alike.

I mean, nothing alike.

Except that they both play in excellent bands. You should check them both out.

This year, I’m excising my demons. So, when I ran into Wild Adriatic, whom I have seen perform every time they’ve come to Appleton, including a very cool spontaneous BYOB stop at Outer Edge, I apologized again for the mistaken identity.

They graciously agreed to pose for this picture:


We’re all friends now.

As for my MOST embarrassing Mile of Music moment, I’m not telling that story.

But, I will be very carefully attending a Jack T. Russell performance this weekend, and I vow not to slip upon purchasing his CD, thus knocking over his glass money jar, and disconnecting his microphone mid-set.

I’m just saying I’m not going to do that.

This time.

See you on the Mile!

P.S. Highlights from yesterday on a rain-can’t-dampen-my-enthusiasm-for-this-festival Thursday include:

Daniel Rodriguez, a definite must-see, singing a love song he wrote for his wife and baby son WITH his wife and baby son. Heart him on your App. You’ll heart him always.

Christopher the Conquered playing to a packed house, standing on a piano he had to fix mid performance. I may need to catch him again because I have to hear him sing the beautiful ballad he wrote about rain at least one more time.

Cat Clyde singing in the Radisson’s lower level, a perfectly weather-adjusted venue.

Carter Hulsey singing a pop up concert on the Bazil’s Pub Patio.



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