Land of the free because of the brave

This weekend, we ate smiley faced pancakes with fresh blueberries, raspberries and chocolate chips.

We played pickup baseball, Hedbanz and a loose-ruled version of Family Feud.

We took long, slow walks down old country roads. We watched a mother robin feed her baby birds.

We sat around a crackling camp fire and listened to frogs sing.

We dipped our toes in icy water and considered, than reconsidered, then re-reconsidered and eventually enjoyed a lovely, chilly float.

We saw a bald eagle soar so closely over our heads we thought for a moment we might have been its prey.

We attended Sunday service in a church jam-packed for the holiday weekend.

We told a few jokes, planned a secret prank and refereed a small squabble or two.

We laughed. We chatted. We prayed. We texted. We cleaned. We mowed. We posted. We slept.

We did all these ordinary things because we live with the extraordinary gift of freedom, and today we join the rest of the country in honoring the men and women who died protecting it.

May God bless our military personnel as He continues to bless the country they so bravely serve.

Happy Memorial Day from Molly B and Me.






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