Where would we be without our sistermoms?

The college roommate mom who, without comment, always packed extra snacks on playdates because she knew you wouldn’t remember to bring anything for your kids?

The witty mom who makes you laugh?

The tri-lingual mom who is definitely smarter than you?

The artistic mom who made amazing costumes for the grade school talent show and now hosts your favorite Instagram account?

The well-read mom who shares great books with you?

The ridiculously talented mom with a complete lack of condescension?

The sophisticated mom who only offers fashion tips when you specifically ask and doesn’t mention the circa 1991 pants you occasionally still wear?

The 87-year old mom with the elegant manicure and polished dancing shoes?

The aunt/mom who always knows the exact right gift for every occasion?

The cheerful mom with the contagious smile?

The bootcamp mom who makes you cranky in the morning, and kind of proud by the afternoon.

The kindest mom you know?

The driven mom who squeezes every minute from her 24-hour day?

The carpe diem mom who is so much more inspiring than she realizes?

The lively mom who puts the fun in grade school fundraisers and plans events you’d really like to attend?

The spiritual mom with an admirable faith and an unobtrusive way of sharing it?

The stridemom (see what I did there?) whose staunch advocacy for accessibility led to several sternly worded letters, at least one to her alma mater? She and her son enjoy long walks together, but there’s no step in their game.

The Emmy-winning mom who could run a country smoothly, but still calls you for advice?

The grand-mom whose FOMO sees her slogging through rainy football games,  four-hour Shakespeare plays in steamy theatres with no air conditioning, and too many grade school choir concerts to count.

The resilient mom who faced some tough blows, kept her focus, and emerged strong?

The nurse practitioner mom who starts each day with an optimistic Facebook post to make her many friends smile?

The grieving mom who taught us that we can build lives of grace and meaning even after terrible loss?

The new moms and the precious babies they share?

The teacher moms who loved, educated and disciplined whole classrooms full of your children, and then went home and raised their own?

The missing moms whose love and influence remain with us forever?

Girls night out
A few members of my sistermom tribe and a daughter they all helped me raise…
Kostelnik women
More sistermoms and daughters. Holy cow have they grown in the three years since this picture was taken!
Team shot after pic
My sistermoms aren’t afraid to get a little dirty…
Sometimes, we sistermoms need to get away.
My sistermoms have the best smiles.

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