Seasons spinnin’ round again

March roared into Wisconsin like a lion last week, spewing sleet and snow like curses all over the street (or maybe that was me. It’s hard to tell under all those layers of winter scarves).

The aftermath, of course, looked gorgeous, diamond crusted and pristine.

But, spring shovels feel so much heavier, don’t they? Who among us hasn’t seen the snow fall, checked the weather report and wondered if it would melt again before we had to haul ourselves out there to take care of it?

And, confoundingly, just over a week before I was tooling around town in shirtsleeves with the top down in my cute little convertible bug.

A meme I saw a few times on my Facebook feed cracked me up. In it Mother Nature said “You can’t have all four seasons in one week” and Wisconsin said, “Hold my beer.”

That seemed about right as we sat outside our cabin in late February enjoying a campfire under a stunningly starry sky, and, one week later in the same place, tramped through knee-deep snow all bundled up in blaze orange because somebody didn’t think it was necessary to pack her winter coat.

I like spring in Wisconsin because it keeps you on your toes, the ones you probably should spruce up for sandal seasons but, oh wait! it’s snowing again.

On Ash Wednesday I walked two blocks up to church from my work and, by the time I arrived, my eye lashes were nearly frozen shut. I prayed for an early spring and, while I did, the wind shifted so I walked back to work facing it as well. Serves me right for not praying for loftier things like world peace and an end to disease.

Spring comes at Wisconsin like a full court zone press. You can’t just dribble through it. You have to make quick passes, pivot, use your peripheral vision. You can’t be intimidated by it either, or it will trap you inside.

Here’s my advice, and I offer this in the true spirit of March Madness, in which we really have no other choice. You have to embrace the craziness. Keep a nice warm jacket in your car, and maybe a pair of boots as well.

Have your camera handy too because all that wild weather has led to some breathtaking sunsets.

Here we go!

Molly and I took full advantage of a perfect spring day in February. We put the top down on the Bug and let the breeze blow trough our hair. It felt like a vacation.
One week later, I tramped through the snow in full blaze orange regalia. I took a selfie because it happened to be Oscar Sunday and I thought someone might be interested in my designer frock.
We will never take for granted the cool experience of leaving fresh footprints in the snow…even if it it is March.
We’re not the only ones who didn’t really mind the snow but are also looking forward to a real spring. This little guy looks healthy enough, but I’m sure he’s ready for a nice spring smorgasbord.
I just really like the light through the trees in this picture. 
A week before I took this picture, I sat on the bench in front of a beautiful fire, counting stars and listening to coyotes. I wonder what they think of this crazy weather?
I caught some nice colors during a lovely spring rain.
But my favorite part of spring weather are the gorgeous sunsets.



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