We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

Today, we’re raising our glasses to kindness and to the generous people who pass it on.

To the man who held the door for me at our neighborhood KwikTrip, even though it took me forever to extract myself from my vehicle and make my way to the entrance.

To Father Bill, who greeted us warmly when our happy group of bedraggled Packer fans tramped into his church still sporting the team colors.

To all those delivery drivers — USPS, UPS and FedEx — who cheerfully made their way through terrible weather to make sure everyone’s packages arrived on time.

To the Packers fans we didn’t know who shifted seats so our family could sit together at Lambeau Field. (MVP! MVP!).

To the folks ahead of us in the Starbucks drive-thru lane who bought us our tea.

To my uncomplaining husband, who stood outside on Christmas morning, digging through our recycling bin to find my missing cellphone. 

To our annual Christmas day hosts, Steve and Cary, for their unfailing graciousness.

To my sweet family, who leaned into our crazy, hectic, wonderful holiday with thoughtfulness and good cheer.

And, to you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read these posts. You’re some of the kindest people I know.

Here’s my kindness crew, who teamed up to host a tailgate, and then Christmas Eve dinner. I’m grateful for these people every day. Shout out to Father Bill, who didn’t mind when we went straight from Lambeau to his church for Christmas Eve mass. 
Another shout out to these two gracious folks, who host our crew, along with extended family, on Christmas day every year. 
And, here’s to my friend Rose, whose kindness and creativity make her Instagram feed one of my favorites to follow. 
Here’s a literal cup of kindness, courtesy of Vinnie’s girlfriend, Danni, who is one of those helpful, funny, sweet people that make every occasion better.
And, a shout out to my nephew Traveain and his dad Keith and my sister Kathy for coming up to Appleton on Christmas Eve and hanging out with us.

3 thoughts on “We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

  1. Shout out to the Biskupics, our Christmas Eve hosts, Granny Thelma, our Christmas Day host, Grandma Peggy, our day after Christmas host, and a special shout out to the man working at the gas station late Friday night who let me borrow his cell phone when mine went missing and to my husband who drove home and found it sitting in plain sight.

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