On sweetgrass, advent and positive vibes

Our advent wreath looks a little different this year, thanks to Jon Wheelock and the good people at the Refuge in Appleton.

This year, along with the four candles that symbolize hope, love, joy and peace, we included sweetgrass.

Sweetgrass, we learned (thanks to Saturday night’s cultural exchange and fundraiser for the people of Standing Rock), is a sacred plant that can be burned to attract positive energy. It is used in peace and healing ceremonies.

It also smells like a warm cookie.

We lit ours Saturday night and then followed Molly as she made her way around the house, attracting positive energy to every room. She even held the gently smoldering braid up into our attic, while we all ducked our heads in case a bat flew out.

Then, we stuck the braid into a tall vase until the flame went out. I love the idea of all that positive energy flowing through our house and, hopefully, out into the world. I like the way the individual blades of grass become so much stronger when they’re braided together.

That’s why we’re really grateful for events like the Refuge’s Second Annual Celebration of Native Peoples.

Like Sweetgrass, we’re all a little stronger when we stand together.

The Refuge Chapel was full of friendly people, cool artwork, and positive vibes (no surprise as there was an ample supply of sweetgrass in the southwest corner of the room.) 
I really like this picture, both for its friendliness and the cool reflection in the middle window that looks like a piece of art.
We sat by the fire  for a while and Molly noted the irony of the water treatment plant lighting the river in the background. 
Many, many thanks to Jon Wheelock’s mom, aunts and cousin for the big smiles and the delicious fry bread.
We bought some sweetgrass braids and brought them home. Then Molly and Vinnie lit the braid to bring positive energy to our house.
The holiday season can be a delicate dance between the sacred and the secular. We set the sweetgrass near our advent wreath to bring a positive boost to the hope, love, joy and peace already represented there.

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