The new age of enlightenment

Dear artist,

Your canvas is about to explode, your palette will erupt in colors you haven’t even seen yet. That score you’ve been tweaking is about to be heard. Your portrait is going viral. Your book will be read in languages you’ve never even spoken. Your dance will earn encores across the globe.

We stand on the precipice of enlightenment’s new age. New networks pop up every day, each searching for original content. iMagic is happening right before your eyes, and Android innovation is blazing a trail.

A Midwestern poet posts a thought on a social network and, seconds later, it is read on a smartphone by a sweet potato farmer in Kenya. It’s true. Telecommunications in Africa are some of the fastest growing in the world.

What does that mean for you? It means that the gates are blowing wide open and the keepers are reluctantly stepping aside. Soon, very soon, there will be nothing between your art and the people who want to appreciate it.

The onus is on you. So, here’s what you do: You set up your easel in the sunniest spot and paint on. You put on your noise canceling headphones and finish that script. You shoot a photo that makes your heart sing. You write that poem. You sing.

As often as you can, you meet with like-minded people in a spirit of collaboration and support. You also meet with contrarians, listen to their ideas and allow your mind to expand.

The world needs your art as much now as it during the Renaissance. Paint it, write it, sing it, play it and, when you love it more than anything you’ve ever done, send it out.

We’re right here waiting, ready to applaud.

He’s dressed as a purple octopus but I’m including this picture of my son Charlie anyway because it illustrates my point. Charlie is a producer for People Magazine’s new network PEN and its show People Now. There are networks available and they’re all looking for original material. Get cracking, writers! (Also, check out People’s new network HERE

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