A Wall of Hope

I wish you could have been there yesterday when my friend Tami and I rounded a corner and found a wall of hope.

Built of pastel colored sticky notes and messages of love, the wall fluttered in the optimistic sunlight. It indiscriminately waved lost souls home, and offered a platform for kind wisdom.

“You are important.”

“Bless the world with your smile.”

“You matter.”

“Stay empathetic.”

“Spread love like a wild fire.”

Created spontaneously by Lawrence University Posse Scholars Samantha, Jorgie and Esmeralda, the project touched our hearts.

They called it LU’s Healing Wall. Of course, we accepted their invitation to add our paper bricks.

Sometimes, like a warm, summer day in November, hope blazes up at unexpected times. We found it yesterday on a college campus, where students staged a love riot.

All the qualities scribbled on those notes — empathy, kindness, intelligence and optimism — existed in this world before the 2016 presidential election and they still exist today. We know that.

But, it still felt good to see those sweet papers waving in the wind.

Sometimes the simplest messages are the most profound.
Samantha, Jorgie and Esmeralda are all from New York City. Posse Scholars, they spontaneously created a Healing Wall.
Students, faculty and people strolling past wrote messages on sticky notes and added them to the wall.
#BeTrue Listen to the riot in your heart
Tami and I added our notes to the wall. (I loved the idea of the shadows looking back from the wall saying message received.)
Find the light
Let’s be here for each other.
Shadows of mutual support.
Stay Empathetic. Spread love like a wild fire!
Everyone chimed in.
You’d be smiling today if you’d have seen that wall. The good news is, it’s still there. I checked it last night. In fact, the sticky notes are now held down securely with packing tape. If you want a pick-me-up stroll on over to Lawrence University and see it for yourself.


6 thoughts on “A Wall of Hope

  1. Just what I needed to read this morning as my healing journey continues. Where can I find this on campus?

  2. What a beautiful healing wall. It is needed in such a desperate way. God bless these three Angels from New York City. They are symbols from the Trinity “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” together with others sending messages that help us. One in specific like “You Matter”. We need to know that somehow we matter in this world of so much controversy and sadness.” Thank You.

  3. With so many symbols of disrespect from people who feel it is OK to use their freedom of speech to deride and embarrass those with different views, it is uplifting to see your efforts to bring people together. There is always hope that your generation will do better than we did.

    Everyday we are witnessing examples of people insisting they are right. Outraged at anyone who dares oppose them. The defensive reflex is more outrage back. The result is everyone only looks for reasons to justify themselves. People take sides and try to save face at all costs. Every flaw in an opposing view is held up high and mocked with fervor. Every flaw in your own view begets an excuse and is overlooked.

    When we all listen, we all learn. When we all learn, we all understand. When we all understand, we all can move towards change together.

    There must be a eager willingness to understand the flaws in your OWN opinions. Derogatory remarks and violent acts we only entrench others against you.

    The efforts you have shown to bring people together is a great place to start. The challenge is to be the bigger person. Reach out to those with opposite views. Learn, Understand, Change for the Positve.

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