Multi-tasking right here in river city

Yesterday, I made the life-changing discovery that I could talk on my cellphone and take pictures with it at the same time.

God bless innovation!

This two-fisted distraction kept me sanguine while I waited for an appointment that took place more than two hours late. Oy Vey!

For a while, I circled an area near my appointment in downtown Appleton, chatting with Molly and snapping away. The light shone perfectly on our little city and I was pretty thrilled with my results.

Then, I sat in a waiting room, watching the golden light fade and itching to get back out there.

By the time I headed to my car, the sun had set. I called Molly back to wrap up our chat, and, while we spoke, I took a few nighttime shots.

This city is beautiful in any season, under any light.

But, as I spoke to Molly yesterday, I thought Appleton looked especially sharp.

I hope you’ll agree.

It’s not even peak season and the colors still look gorgeous down by the river.
Jones Park is under construction, but still looks lovely in the golden hour.
I always love the lines and colors the Fox River offers. These were some of the shots I took before my appointment.
And this was the same view after it. Ahh, Appleton, you’re just lovely.
Tried to catch a little of the sunset, but, as I may have mentioned, my appointment ran long and I pretty much missed the whole thing.
But, seriously, Appleton. You’re simply the best. 

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