From this house, to the world

If you want to feel good about the world, listen to a high school choir sing.

Hear those voices soar and blend, watch those chins rise, shoulders snap back, faces smile.

Feel the joy.

We’ve had that pleasure at Appleton North High School for the past 15 years.

No matter how harried our day, how long our to-do list, we always, always left that auditorium lighter of both step and heart. Humming.

Last night we saw our final high school choir concert, which would have been infinitely sad had we not had the foresight to bring the North Choir home with us after the concert.

They sprawled for a while in their tuxes and velvet jumpers, munching their traditional treats — fruit pizza, puppy chow, mint brownies, teeny wienies, and pizza.

They sipped their traditional beverage — bottled Ting.

And then, they stood on our driveway, held hands and sang.

Their voices lifted up over our quiet street, a car stopped at the intersection to listen.

Here’s what that driver heard:


Rise up, follow me. Come away, is the call

With the love in your heart

as the only song.

There is no beauty

As where you belong.

Rise up, follow me

I will lead you home.


We’re so grateful for the years we called Appleton North our home, and for the talented choirs that scored our years there.

The video from their sidewalk song is dark and shaky I’m sharing it anyway. I know we’ll listen to that song in the coming years and, if we’re feeling lonely, it will lead us home.

Earthtones 105
They learn to wear cummerbunds and sing with such joy!
Earthtones 138
A powerful solo by Corriina.
Earthtones 151
I’ve watched them grow up.
Earthtones 161
Sophie is a triple threat.
Earthtones 153
Lisa knocked it out of the park.
Earthtones 200
And, speaking of joy, this song, a joint effort with a special needs class, really spread the love.

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