Presidentine’s Day and the fine art of mothering a comedienne

I am the proud mother of a sketch comedienne, which means I get to laugh every day.


Text messages crack me up. Phone calls make me snicker and don’t even get me started on the emails.

I get to see scripts before they become shows, and then I get to sit in audiences of admittedly varying sizes and laugh with them.

Oh sure, there’ve been less than comfortable times —  jokes that grandma shouldn’t hear, lines that require explanations, ambitious daughters who yearn to succeed and seek advice I can’t offer.

But comfort can be overrated, and lives without risk are boring. So, I thank God every day that I gave birth to a woman brave enough to put herself out there, and talented enough to do it well.

Katherine’s days are long, she works a regular job, teaches theatre games to children in a homeless shelter, attends early morning boot camp fitness classes, writes and performs weekly, and sees lots of shows in the extremely active Chicago theatre community.

I try not to think about the late night Ubers and early morning walks. But those days are also fulfilling and that same Chicago community has introduced her to some of the kindest people I know.

This week, Pure & Weary released its sixth video in a monthly series I’ve genuinely enjoyed. This video is edgy and I had to remind myself as I watched it, that my little peanut is a grown woman.

We watched it several times and guess what? Each time? We laughed.

Treat yourself to a little Presidentine’s Day humor. It’s all in good fun.

Baby Katherine
Awwww. This little peanut has been making us laugh since the day she was born.
Pure and Weary 14
Pure & Weary performed to a full house at this year’s Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.
Sketchfest group shot
And, lucky I got to be there too. It turned out to be a Girls’ Night Out with Katherine’s aunts from both sides of the family and her cousin Lizzy. 


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