Here’s to you, friends

Last night we toasted friendship as we rang in the New Year.  We raised our glasses to the people who make our lives fun, who challenge us, inspire us and feed us delicious food.

We’ll take any occasion to celebrate friendship, but New Year’s seems especially appropriate.

So, here’s to our friends:

To the drama mamas and theatre dads; the golf committee “fore the kids,” and the football families.

To movie buddies and the gourmet club; to work friends, workout friends and my poor fitness pal (We’ll talk again soon).

To friends we’ve known since childhood and those we met last week.

To neighbors, classmates and boot campers.

To friends we laughed with yesterday, and those we haven’t seen in years.

To Facebook friends and book club buddies.

To the gurus and goofballs, the singers and scribes; to the foodies and tailgaters, the jet setters and couch sitters, the teetotalers and martini drinkers; to the wave riders and sun bathers; the ticket buyers and spotlight seekers; the titterers and those who guffaw.

Here’s to the health nuts and the junk food junkies; the hard rockers and classical musicians; the octogenarians and millennials.

Here’s to the farmers and bankers; to the handymen and wonder women; to the teachers and writers, police officers and our priest.

Thank you from the bottom of our lucky hearts.

Happy New Year!

Joe and Pete Jim, Kathy and Catherine Mary Catherine Kathy and Georgia Vince and Kathy

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