The granny was great-great. The game? Not so much

The best thing about yesterday’s disappointing Packer game turned out to be the person sitting in section 120, row 27, seat 3.

Granny Thelma has been a Packer fan for 86 years, but Sunday marked the first time she’d ever been to Lambeau Field. Sadly, our beloved Pack did not bring their A game to Granny Thelma’s debut, and the team lost a head-scratching nail-biter to Detroit (Detroit!), 18-16.

A great-great grandmother and all-around great-great person, Granny Thelma did not mince words after the game.

“We had fun,” she said. “But that game was lousy!”

Thelma and her granddaughter Trenette drove up from Milwaukee with my sister Kathy and her husband Keith. They picked her up promptly at 8:30; she was ready to go at 8.

We tailgated for a while and then Thelma and her entourage packed up and headed in. They didn’t want to miss a thing.

“We loved Lambeau,” said Trenette. “It was exciting!”

It all felt very promising as the largest flag any of us had ever seen stretched across the field, and we offered a moment of silence for the victims of the French attacks.

But, the game started flat and never really picked up steam, despite another miraculous fourth quarter rally.

“Those boys disappointed me very much,” Thelma said.

Next Sunday, we’ll be all fired up for another Packer game day and we expect Green Bay to win in Minnesota and regain its rightful place atop the NFC Central. We’re not sure what’s wrong with our boys, but they’d better fix it fast.

We’ll be watching.

More importantly, Granny Thelma will be watching.

Go Pack Go!

Giant Lambeau Flag
The largest flag we’d ever seen, held by members of the military, stretched across the whole football field.
Thelma, Trenette, Keith and Kathy
Granny Thelma volunteers every Monday morning at the Veteran’s Hospital. She’s 86-years old and lively. That’s her next to my sister Kathy, her husband Keith, and Trenette.
Pepper pals
There were some old school Julius Peppers fans in the house.
Robin and Trenette
My sister in-law Robin and Trenette had some fun at the tailgate.
The Packers used cue cards, which seemed kind of low tech. We saw the “Punt” cue card way too much.
Kathy, trenette, Thelma and Keith
Poor Thelma and the gang ended up in front of some beer spilling Lions Fans.

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