Thanks for summer miracles

Albert Einstein once said that there are two ways to live — you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle.

Like Einstein, we choose the latter.

Certainly, it isn’t difficult to find a miracle in a warm summer day — the sun’s rise, the morning’s dew, the leaf’s unfurl, the water’s splash, the child’s laugh, the breath’s whoosh.

These are the mundane miracles — oxymoronic, beautiful and universal.

We thank God for them every day,

This summer, like last, we also enjoyed the pleasure of a named miracle that happened, for us, once a week on a specially built baseball diamond just north of our house.

The Miracle League of the Fox Valley offers the simple pleasure of teamwork, accomplishment, pride, and acknowledgement to children with mental and/or physical disabilities. As I wrote about last year, everybody hits, everybody runs and everybody scores.

It’s a perfect game, every night.

As a volunteer buddy, Molly once again teamed up with her little friend Emily and the two, together with their Angels teammates and all of the other participants in the 16-team league, proved that the real miracle in baseball has nothing to do with the ’69 Mets.

It’s the clink of a braced leg rounding third base and heading for home, the happy cheer of a child with cognitive challenges, the high-five of player and home plate ump.

We live in challenging times, when bad news trends easily and stress ferments in our hand-held devices.

What a delight, then, to pocket all of that for an hour on a sunny summer night and cheer a group of people just thrilled to be playing a game together.

Thank you, Miracle League, for another summer of pure joy.

Miracle League 2015 001
A little pregame warm-up. It’s coach-pitch/T-ball kind of league. I love the cool benches.
a hand
Molly met Emily last year when they were paired for Miracle League. We all look forward to the games every week.
Miracle League 2015 044
These next few pictures sort of capture the excitement and teamwork. Molly and Emily are waiting on third…
Miracle League 2015 046
A hit and they take off for home!
Miracle League 2015 047
I’m just liking the smiles here.
Miracle League 2015 048
Miracle League 2015 049
Woo hoo!
Miracle League 2015 050
High five.
Miracle League 2015 053
This buddy and player team are brothers. How cool is that?
Miracle League 2015 057
This tiny player has giant heart. He swings and…
Miracle League 2015 058
A nice hit!
Miracle League 2015 061
Getting ready to take off for second…
Miracle League 2015 063
Heading for home with his buddy.
Miracle League 2015 064
The sprint and…
Miracle League 2015 066
The score.
Miracle League 2015 080
I mean. come on! How can you not smile at these games?!
Miracle League 2015 090
Am I right?
Miracle League 2015 086
There are sweet moments and
Miracle League 2015 094
moments of great triumph. Thank you Miracle League!

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