Downtown, where all the lights are bright…

We love to walk south through our neighborhood, past stately old houses and front porch swings, over cheerful chalk drawings and railroad tracks.

An easy mile brings us downtown, where all the lights are bright, even in the day.

Saturday, we sipped Door County cherry lemonade and strolled through the Appleton Farmer’s Market. The bounty of sweet summer babies, fat vegetables and breathtaking bouquets hits its peak right about now. The place will be hopping through September and the good stuff is just starting to roll out of the fields. Peak farmer’s market season lasts a good long time.

We scooped up basil, sweet corn, leaf lettuce, garlic and cauliflower; munched on Lolitas tacos and Mr. Reynebeau’s Chocolate Chip cookies; and listened to several really talented street musicians.

Sunday, we took the same walk to nearly the same spot for the 55th annual Art in the Park, featuring 175 selected artists from 11 states.

We thought, as we often do, about the enormous capacity for creative development the human brain holds and how unbelievably talented people are.

I did a little Christmas shopping, Molly did a little Molly shopping and we both enjoyed more fresh lemonade and great live music.

Enjoy these pictures and, next week, maybe we’ll see you there

We can forget all our troubles, forget all our cares and go


We thought asparagus season was over. Apparently not.
Farmer’s Market flowers are so beautiful. Molly bought an enormous bouquet with yellow lillies that are making our house smell lovely.
Carne Asada taco
I have to eat a carne asada taco each time I go to the Farmer’s Market. I munched this one at 9:30 a.m. Muy delicioso!
Mango on a stick
Molly enjoyed the mango on a stick.
Free jalapenos
We both passed on the free jalapenos.
Pies and Pours
Pies ad Pours has become our new favorite food truck.
Strawberry Lemonade
The Door County cheery lemonade hit the spot on a toasty day. (Our favorite is the strawberry basil lemonade.)
Mr. Reynebeau's Chocolate Chip Cookies
You have to get to Mr. Reynebeau’s cookie stand early because they always sell out. Also, Mr. Reynebeau himself is there to serve them to you.
Farmer's Market 2015 019
You can’t beat the beet prices.
You are beautiful
All in all, a beautiful Saturday morning.
Come on in
On Sunday, we hit Art in the Park.
Bob Radtke
We met Bob Radtke, who makes hand-carved bowls.
Faith Ann
And, Faith Givings, who makes gorgeous, hand-pressed ceramics with her grandmother’s rolling pin.
Hot dog relishers
These fellows did a tremendous job hawking hot dogs.
Martini Mobile
I also loved this martini mobile.
These 3D landscapes were stunning.
Stained Glass sun catcher
We loved the sun catchers too.
I had to get a pick of Molly in her yellow dress.
Ring dancers
I thought it’d be cool to get a shot of Art in the Park through the park’s own art, this Dallas Anderson sculpture, Ring Dance.

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