On coming home and coming alive (A guest post by Katherine)

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

This weekend, I’m honored to come home for the 20th anniversary of Appleton North High School. The “From this House” event will feature graduates who have pursued careers in performing arts, and all proceeds will provide funds for scholarships for current North theatre and music students. I’m really excited to be a part of the event and see so many brave and talented friends perform.

At North our wonderful educators encouraged us and gave us crucial feedback. We also enjoyed constant support from North parents and Appleton community, who came to every show or concert and drove us to and from rehearsals. We had our friends whom we grew up with working with us to tell a story, crescendo a note, and create an ensemble.

But when you leave North, you’re on your own. No more frantic director notes all the way up until closing night. No more music teacher’s thumbs jetting up for flat notes during a performance. And no band director calling us back to measure five to get a section of music just perfect.

Often you’ll work with new friends, but sometimes it’ll just be you. The houses could be sold out, but they also could be just five sweet, sweaty family members in an 80 degree church awaiting Macbeth’s witches or,perhaps, a toothless one-man crowd in Kentucky while touring with your band.

But, thanks to the confidence we all gleaned from the Appleton North fine arts program, we can go out into this world and be brave.

Bravery comes easier to those who have the support. My friends from North pursuing life in the arts know this because we were lucky enough to have the teachers, education and family to send us on our way equipped with thicker skin, fostered passion and a place to always come home.

I’m so grateful for this home! I hope we can spread the love (and mulah) to those who aren’t lucky enough to have financial support, but hold fast to their dreams. This scholarship is so important because, as scary as a life in the arts can be, it is so fulfilling for those students who know they want it. We can be a part of their brave trek into the world of arts and watch them come alive. And the best part is, they’ll always come home.

(Unless they’re Willem Dafoe…jk jk jk)

You can purchase tickets to this cool fundraiser by clicking THIS LINK. They also will be available at the door.

From this house

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