A big night for the Little Girls

A big night for the Little Girls

They invited me to come along, but I honestly had more fun watching my two little sisters have a big night at the Phil Collins Genesis concert Tuesday night in Chicago. My sister Jenny (who also goes by Jenna) called it a Jenna-Sis night and they live-texted me throughout. As I've written about before, I [...]

On coming home and coming alive (A guest post by Katherine)

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman This weekend, I'm honored to come home for the 20th anniversary of Appleton North High School. The “From this House” event will feature graduates who have [...]

Mile Markers: Our top seven Mile of Music performances

Navigating the 50+ venues hosting 220 bands and solo artists at this year's Mile of Music Festival required the kind of preparation and organization that tends to elude Molly B and Me. Fortunately, for this year's festival, we had Katherine Biskupic, who sent us pre-festival playlists at regular intervals in the weeks leading up to [...]

Baby I’m amazed at the way you pulled me out of time

The temperature, which hovered in the high 90s Tuesday night, had nothing to do with our three-generational swoon. The racing hearts? The weak knees? The goofy gazes? Blame them all on Sir Paul McCartney, who held all 45,000 of us (including my mother, my sister Kathy, Molly and me) in his gifted, frenetic hands during [...]