Dancing with the sweetest stars

We went to the Boogie Ballroom last Friday night to see Fundamentally Sound perform. We ended up falling in love with the Valley’s newest dance studio and its charming owners, Zeke and Pamela Cribbs.

A former Fundamentally Sound member, Zeke met Pamela in gospel choir class while they were both students at the University of Wisconsin.

“I took her dancing on our first date and I said, ‘Man, my boss would hire you in a heartbeat,” said Zeke, who worked his way through college as a dance instructor.

Pamela did come to work for the studio, and the two have been dancing together ever since. They married, and are now the proud parents of nine-month old Zaccaia with another baby due in July.

They had not planned to open their own dance studio so soon, but, when the perfect opportunity presented itself, they jumped right in.

With its beautiful floor and mirrored walls, the studio, located at 1671/2 Main St in Menasha on the second floor, provides the perfect backdrop for group and private lessons.

The business, open since October, has been doing well, thanks to an impressive space and the enthusiasm of its young owners.

“One of the coolest things about our job is that we can give people confidence in themselves,” Zeke said. “So many people have fears about dancing or they say they have two left feet. We work with them a little and they realize they can do stuff they never dreamed they could do. So many people get confidence from dancing and they take it with them when they leave the studio. It’s fun to see that happen. I love my job.”

The couple, individually and together, work with a wide range of ages, talent levels and interests. At the grand opening, we saw everything from competition level performances, to a couple of shy newlyweds.

We think dancing is the perfect sport any time of year but, particularly now, during the long, Packer-less winter months.

And we think Boogie Ballroom is the perfect place to give it a whirl.

Pamela and Zeke in action
The Cribbs family has some moves!
The Cribbs family
Here are the owners with their adorable baby, Zaccaia.
Zeke and Pam
They put on a show during the grand opening and I like this shot because it shows off the beautiful studio.
Dancing with a partner
The shear variety of acts we saw convinced us that anyone could find a place at this studio.
Zeke and his partner
This circus-inspired act captures the studio’s focus on fun.
One of the most heart warming acts involved these newlyweds, who generously recreated their Boogie Ballroom-coached wedding dance.

Here’s a little taste of the Fundamentally Sound set from the grand opening performance:

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  1. I have taken some dance lessons from Zeke and Pam in Madison and I couldn’t have had better instructors. These two are great teachers, fun to be around and make the experience really easy and enjoyable!

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