That’s so Raven (that I had to take a look)

I set out to Christmas shop on Saturday, but I got distracted by the fog, so I took some eerie pictures and I wrote this goofy poem. You’re probably pretty happy right now that you’re not on my Christmas shopping list…

Once upon a midday dreary

While I hummed all Christmas cheery

many a quaint and seasonal tunes of a yuletide theme.

While I whistled, nearly singing

Suddenly I saw a clinging,

creeping, Hitchcock, misty, springing

fog develop like whipped cream.

“T’is just fleeting here,” I muttered

Either that or it’s a dream.


Ah, distinctly I remember

‘Twas in the happy, mid December

and each hopeful family member, made the list I’d checked before.

Eagerly I sought the mall, hoping for a Christmas haul

and to avoid a traffic stall. (Shopping’s not my favorite chore.)

In fact I grabbed my camera too, ‘cuz shopping can be such a bore.

Still, I headed to the store.


Presently, I found distraction, and a certain chain reaction

Just outside my own car door.

Stubbornly the fog was creeping, coolly over water seeping

and I started quickly leaping, leaping toward the river shore

with my camera ready pointed toward the river bank and o’er

looking for a shot or four.


Then this ebony bird beguiling my distracted fancy smiling

And my Christmas list compiling, dropped right to the icy floor.

Though my list stayed long and ready, that cool scene proved far too heady

So I lingered, fingers steady, on the foggy river shore.

Tell you what that dark bird whispered; it’s the stuff of Edgar’s lore.

Will I finish Christmas shopping, all the while my camera’s popping

And the creepy birds are flopping, misty scenes that I adore?

Oh, my dear ones, this I tell you, no excuses will I sell to

those who’ve heard this tale before.

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

See that big, black bird sitting on top of the light pole? That’s who started it.
So I had to get out and take eerie pictures of the fog.
Foggy day 047
Creepy and lonely, right?
Foggy day 049
Fog pictures can just look unfocused, but I was thinking the old brick wall would help with that.


Nowhere Bridge
I liked this bridge that disappears into the mist.
Railroad crossing
And these railroad tracks that do the same.
Raven sentries
I really felt the Edgar Allan Poe/Hitchcock thing when I saw these two ravens sitting sentry in front of the mounted bird house in the fog…
…and then I found Lenore.
The Hearthstone Mansion, the country’s first house powered with a hydroelectric system. looks kind of creepy in the fog too. Perfect for my theme. I took these pictures Saturday and I still haven’t made it to the mall. Tick tock.


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