You’ve got to have hearts (a Thanksgiving guest post by Wilson)

Editors note: Wilson, my 12-year old nephew, whipped up this guest post following our Thanksgiving dinner and rousing card game. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. You get say what you're thankful for, like food and shelter. The best part is becoming a living "food vacuum," then crashing on a couch and moaning, then, when pie [...]

In Thanksgiving for a weekend of pilgrimages, including a shrine

During a hectic weekend filled with annual pilgrimages to both La Crosse, for the Wisconsin State Theatre Festival, and to Madison, for Fundamentally Sound's Fall Show, we detoured for a little while to a beautiful shrine. Located just outside La Crosse, Wisconsin, The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe proved to be a sweet respite [...]

One Class Act

One Class Act

Just before 5 a.m. yesterday, Molly and I pulled into her dark, cold high school parking lot, active with working snow plows and assembling theatre kids. Then I watched as the students and their fearless director boarded two yellow school buses for the 175 mile trek to LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Last night, they performed a showcase [...]