Lit by God

The best photos are lit by God.

The sun bounces gracefully off a deep blue lake and leaves diamonds in its wake. It glows through an autumn leaf and lights a tree on fire.

It makes sense, of course, that He who creates the beauty would light it best. We get that when we lift our glasses and toast a spectacular sunset; or pause in the frantic scramble of our mornings to appreciate a brilliant purple sunrise.

Rainbows, blood moons, and clear, starry nights all grab our attention and hold it for a precious, celebratory moment.

Sometimes, though, heads bent in frenzied affirmation of modern technology and all the cool distractions we find there, we miss the miracles dancing through our ordinary days.

Last week, left hand on my phone, right hand on my keyboard, eyes squinting at seven windows open on my laptop, I felt something I hadn’t in a while. I turned toward a familiar warmth and saw, cutting through ubiquitous clouds, the sun.

A thousand deadlines warned me to stay put, the steady ticking of our old school kitchen clock acted like a scolding finger, an unchecked list of daily tasks taunted me and, still, I fled.

I grabbed my camera and chased the sun, stealing moments from a crazy, busy day to mark the extraordinary beauty of a regular Thursday afternoon.

I followed the light and ended up exhilarated.

I hope you get a chance to do the same.

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