We spent some time with 13 this weekend, and remembered how cool it was.

13 stands at the precipice, one sneakered foot on the tantalizing edge of adulthood, and one safely planted on the entertaining wall of childhood.

13 swings and struts, trips and glides, stands tall and curls up, gulps and nibbles, argues and concedes, giggles and guffaws, pines and posts, tears up and stares down, high fives and hangs ten, discovers and protects, questions and believes.

Some things grow faster than others for 13; big feet and hands outpace limbs for some, ears stretch wide for others.

We see massive potential in 13, for strength, empathy, dignity, bravery, innovation and comic relief. We take the growing pains for what they are, temporary twitches that lead to growth.

Blink and 13 changes, moods swing, bones stretch, tastes vary. Sweetly solicitous in one moment, inexplicably annoyed the next, 13 keeps you hopping.

Treat yourself to some time with a 13-year old near you.

I bet you’ll smile.

Fourth of July 2014 105
We enjoyed a weekend with my nephew Guy, who is 13-years old and growing tall and strong. He inspired this post, but we really salute all 13-year olds. Go get ’em!
Fourth of July 2014 081
See, 13 can still corral all those gangly limbs and swing gracefully…
Guy and Donna
…then turn around and, with gentlemanly aplomb, help an aunt into the water…
Crown thy good with brotherhood
…and still have time to bury a younger brother in inner tubes.

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