The best Mother’s Day gift ever

The buildup began last Saturday.

“I’m giving Mom the best Mother’s Day present ever,” my brother whispered across the pew at my niece Erin’s First Communion.

Then, he passed me his cell phone and, with some skepticism, I took a look.

“Are you kidding me?” I said. “This is amazing.”

“I’m going to be the favorite child,” he replied.

He sent the phone over to each of my sisters and watched them gasp in amazement.

All week my mom read hinting emails from her eldest and only son.

“I’m going to ascend to the favorite child seat on your right side,” he wrote.

The actual unveiling took place at Mother’s Day brunch.

I polished my lens for the occasion.

The presentation
The presentation of the gift…
Reading the card
The dramatically slow opening of the card…
Opening the note
Reading the note
Reading the note
Getting to the good stuff
This gift certificate entitles you to…
I think she liked it.
The crown prince
The crown prince takes his rightful place.
Happy Mother's Day
This picture could be redundant but I like this shot of my brother and my mom.
A hug from the daughter in-law
And a hug from my sister in-law Robin, who helped put the gift together.


Maybe you’re wondering at this point, why all the fuss? What did my brother and his family give my mom for Mother’s Day?

My mother loves to talk about her time as a trumpet player in her high school marching band. With just the slightest encouragement, she will demonstrate a marching strut so enthusiastic that it often landed her in the principal’s office at Our Lady of Angels High School. She also loves her Badgers and the UW marching band, especially its famous Fifth Quarter.

At one game this season, thanks to my brother and sister in-law, my mom will be guest conducting the UW band during the fifth quarter.

Once it sunk in that she would be ascending UW band director Michael Leckrone’s portable podium, my mom immediately began practice conducting.
More practicing
Look out Badger fans!

We had as much fun watching my mom open her gift as seeing my brother give it to her. Of course, the best Mother’s Day gift ever is the opportunity to hang out with your mom.

P.S. I gave her a plant. Whatevs.


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