Pork Roast with Repurposed Pumpkin Bar Stuffing

“In life, as in pumpkin bars, it’s a-okay to admit failure, regroup, and press onward toward even more deliciousness.” ~ Laura Biskupic, 2012.

In an effort to consolidate baking requests on a busy week night, Molly doubled a dubious pumpkin bar recipe and ended up with a bumper crop of beautiful chocolate chip pumpkin bars that tasted like scrambled eggs.

We paused for a moment of silence as we surveyed our exhausted kitchen, crowded with pans of cooling egg-bars. We retreated for just a moment into the cool comfort of our dining room and confirmed that we did indeed have a baking failure on our hands. Then we launched an all-out pumpkin blitzkrieg that resulted in one of the more tasty Sunday dinners we’ve experienced.

It happened like this:

First, we ripped up a pan of pumpkin bars and left them out to dry for three days.
Then, we used them to make a pumpkin stuffing for a little boneless pork roast we’d been saving for just such an occasion. Other ingredients we used were: the last few parsley leaves from the farmer’s market, two tablespoons of butter (we should have used a little more to grease the pan), apple butter (just because we had some), onion, beef broth, garlic, sesame oil and House of Tsang Classic Stir Fry Sauce, a miracle concoction that cures all cooking evils.
First, we sautéed the onion in butter.
Meanwhile, we mixed up a marinade of about 1/4 cup classic stir fry sauce, three crushed cloves of garlic, two heaping tablespoons apple butter, a teaspoon sesame oil.
Back to the frying pan, we added the pumpkin bar chunks, about three cups. We cooked that until the bars  browned a little, and then added a half a can of beef broth. We stirred that over high heat for a few minutes and removed the pan from the heat. Then we hopped back over to our cutting board…
We sliced the roast right down the middle, just about an inch from the edge. You can season your roast with salt and pepper at this point, but go easy on the salt, because there’s plenty in the marinade.
We sprinkled chopped up parsley onto the pan of stuffing, which, just as a reminder, was sitting safely off the burner.
Then we slathered our sauce all over the inside and outside of the roast. We filled the cavity with a generous amount of stuffing, then threw the rest in a casserole dish and baked that along with the roast.
Bake in a 350 degree oven for 90 minutes. Let rest for ten minutes, slice and eat.
See there? When life gives you eggy pumpkin bars, make mouth watering pork roast with pumpkin bar stuffing.

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