There’s no Graeter Sundae

Every Saturday morning, my mom and her friends took their 50-cent allowance and walked to the Hollywood Theater on Hamilton Avenue. They spent one quarter on tickets to the 1:00 show, and then walked up the street to Graeter’s Ice Cream Shoppe where they spent the other quarter on White Tower Sundaes.

A Cincinnati original, Graeter’s still produces the most decadent ice cream around — think Haagen Daz and then add a little butter fat and chocolate chunks too big to fit on your spoon.

We capped any of our trips to Cincinnati with a visit to Graeter’s when I was growing up and, later, I introduced my own children to the magic of that special treat.

Yesterday, with the heat index soaring and the rest of the family off doing interesting things, I treated myself to a version of the White Tower Sundae. I didn’t have any Graeter’s Ice Cream on hand (though, through the wonder of the Internet we have enjoyed a pint or six from time to time), so I substituted cute little single serving containers I discovered on my necessary run for marshmallow fluff and chocolate jimmies.

I sat at my laptop and surfed a few sites while I spooned up my delicious treat, but it still felt old school. A White Tower Sundae will cost you $4.75 today and a matinee ticket even more.

But, the point is, you can still catch a Saturday matinee with your friends and follow it up with an ice cream sundae.

You’ll be glad you did.

Every Saturday Bill Clare stood under my mother’s kitchen window and yelled “Oh Peg!” and she would come out and join him for a movie and a sundae.
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate jimmies, marshmallow fluff and cherries. I know what you’re thinking, but the truth is you’re never too old for marshmallow fluff and chocolate jimmies.
These little single scoop containers are very cute and perfect for portion control.
The White Tower Sundae is a perfect special occasion treat.

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