Tall girls rock

Here’s to the tall girls, the whole long-striding, ankle-baring lot.

Here’s to the 13-year old girls who confound the airport security guards who ask about her age.

Here’s to the girls who consistently look across the top of their partner’s head during mandatory middle school dance classes, and roll their eyes at mothers who make them stand up straight.

Here’s to the girls who politely deflect audible sighs from the people who sit behind them in movie theaters and auditoriums.

Tall girls rock.

Here’s to the girls who have to look a little harder for clothes that hang the way their designer intended and to the ones who jam their knees to squeeze into airplane chairs, even when the seatbacks and tray tables are in their upright and locked position.

Here’s to the class picture’s perennial back row and to the girls who can reach the top shelf. We salute the middle hitters, the post players and the pyramid bases.

Tall girls rock.

Here’s to the girls who can wear flat shoes and only use their tip toes when they sneak. Here’s to the girls who cheerfully smile when their piano teacher says, “You’ve grown again!” … every single week.

Here’s to the girls who know that the weather up here is just fine.

Here’s to the eighth graders who patiently respond to questions about their current college major with “I’m only in middle school.”

Here’s to the aisle sitters who accidentally trip people when they stretch out their legs.

Tall girls rock.

Here’s to the girls whose heads stick out over the top of dressing room doors and those who get hit in the head with everyone else’s umbrella.

Here’s to actresses, athletes, models, scientists, doctors, writers, teachers and First Ladies.

Tall girls rock.

That's Molly in the back row of her sixth grade flag football team. Molly loves flag football. I think it will be a life sport for her.
These are Katherine, Molly and my knees on our flight to Florida. In the Spirit of fair play, we will not mention the airline but those seats were very cozy!
This is what Katherine, Molly and I look like when we stretch out. This is also what I look like when I miss a few spots with my sunblock.
Molly was cast as ... wait for it ... Tall Alice in her grade school production of Alice in Wonderland.
Molly comes by her height and her real first name honestly. Here she is with her tall Grandma Mary Jane.
Here's Miss Mary Margaret with her other namesake, Grandma Peggy, from whom Molly did not receive her height.

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