Singing in the rain

My sister in-law Elaine walks on the sunny side of the street wearing rose-colored glasses and sipping from a glass that is always half full.

So, when clouds began to form ahead of her Florida beach wedding, Molly and I prepared to be outraged.

“How could it rain on a wedding so clearly meant to be held under bright blue skies?” we readied ourselves to rail.

But a funny thing happened on the way to our indignation. The storm turned out to be the perfect backdrop for two people whose first date and engagement took place on a beach and whose honeymoon involved a transatlantic crossing.

Water remains a central theme in their lives.

We celebrated Elaine’s marriage to the affable Chip on a pretty white porch overlooking the beach. A gentle rain pattered as the bride made her way down the aisle and her choice of entrance music, Isreal Kamamawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow” seemed prophetic.

Then the storm grew.

Thunder accented the vows, jagged lightning streaked the sky behind the bride and groom and waves crashed on the beach below.

Another bride and groom may have sulked a little, but this couple simply enjoyed their elegant reception.

I think the storm actually energized the guests, who took to the dance floor after dinner and never left.

The symbolism that weaved its way through Elaine and Chip’s wedding made the day even more meaningful.

The bride’s blue earrings and white dress represented tradition, the sand ceremony unity, the roses love, the champagne toast luck and the Bible readings faith.

With its wind, thunder and driving rain, the storm symbolized something as well — passion.

As Chip and Elaine sail off for an enviable honeymoon we wish them a life full of tradition, love, luck, faith and passion.

Grandma Mary Jane danced with Vince.
In tribute to Grandpa Vince, the whole room sang "New York, New York."
That's Molly and me belting out "New York New York" with Charlie, Molly's cousin Elizabeth and Chip's parents. Such fun!
Of course, the bride and groom danced.
A beautiful setting for any wedding, but particularly for a stormy one. (Photo courtesy of my nephew Robert Biskupic Knight. Check out his blog at
Such a happy couple! (and another photo by Robert)
The sand ceremony. (RBK photo)
Love this picture. (by Robert Biskupic Knight, of course)

3 thoughts on “Singing in the rain

  1. what a beautiful wedding, indeed. The bride could not have been more beautiful and the I have never seen the groom with a bigger smile on his face! If you are familiar with the song “Blessings” by Laura Story, the first line of the chorus goes “What if your blessings are thru raindrops”. If that is the case, God showered them with a lifetime of blessings on their wedding day. So happy for Chip & Elaine! They are truly loved and blessed!

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