A wedding prequel. There is love.

If you ever get the chance to go to a ceremony celebrating love, take it.

Molly and I did last Thursday and, even though we’re still not 100% sure what we attended, we’re very glad we did.

Beginning in April, we will enjoy an unprecedented wedding season during which we’ll get to see some of our favorite people in the world get hitched.

My sister in-law Elaine kicks off the season of love in April with a beach wedding in Florida. My sister Kathy follows in June with…a beach wedding in Florida. A week later we’ll be at a Packer themed wedding in Wisconsin, and we have a couple of other weddings to attend this summer as well.

We’re considering Thursday’s festivities a dry run, because we don’t really know what else to call it. Beach weddings pose logistical challenges for some invitees, so Elaine thoughtfully planned a “Blessing of the Rings” ceremony for some of the Illinois crowd. As a spontaneous gathering, it developed such momentum that, by the time the bride-to-be got to the little ceremony, she was wearing a brand new bridal gown.

It wasn’t a wedding but there were:

Vows and blessings from an Irish priest

Champagne toasts





Paparazzi (Well, me and the groom, but we count!)


Speeches (It was a Biskupic occasion, after all.)

A wedding video (shot by me, but I was also a reader and still photographer, so some of the scenes recorded sideways. I’m pretty sure it’s new artsy trend.)

Transcending these important elements were joy and love.

Congratulations to Elaine and my soon-to-be fellow outlaw Chip!

Molly read, Katherine sang, Guy walked Elaine down the aisle and Wilson gave the best man's toast. It was such a cool ceremony, but it wasn't a wedding.
Don't they look like they should be on the top of a wedding cake? Here are Elaine and Chip. But this is not their wedding day.
Guy walked his aunt down the aisle. It was precious.
Chip, Elaine and my girls
Elaine, Chip and Father Jim go over some final details. This is not a wedding.
Vince's mom and her best friend of more than 60 years, Jackie Schultz. Jackie brought her ice skates to my own wedding in January 25 years ago. It was a bitterly cold day and she went skating in a nearby park. Great lady and cello player!
A priest, a mother of the bride and a groom. But not a wedding.
Elaine and her sister Donna. Could be a bridal portrait. But it's not.
Great to welcome another cool member of the Biskupic outlaws, which I will do...at the wedding.

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