We enjoyed our last few hours as Super Bowl champs

As Super Bowls go, Molly and I prefer the green and gold variety. We even considered a ski trip this weekend, so uninterested were we in Sunday’s festivities.
But then we were invited to watch the game with some of the greatest Packer fans we know and we cheered up considerably.
Our friends created a shrine to Wisconsin athletics above their garage. The room, which they built themselves, has hardwood floors, reclining leather seats and a big screen TV, and we’ve had the great pleasure of watching a few important games there over the years. It turned out to be the perfect setting to enjoy our last few hours as Super Bowl Champions.
There is an art to watching a Super Bowl game when your team is not featured and, in the unlikely event that Packers are not playing next year, we offer you the following tips:

1) Text your husband’s college roommate’s chubby young neighbor Sal. Well before kickoff this kid, who lives in New Jersey, predicted the Giants by four. Next year, we’re paying attention.
2) Find a charming spot to watch the game. We managed to get ourselves invited to a house that not only offered a fully stocked Packer soda vending machine; it also housed a pudgy baby and an entertaining three-year old. Score.

3) Don’t kid yourself with the veggie tray and the sliced apples. You, like everyone else, will not pay attention to the calories youconsu me during the four-hour free-for-all and you, like everyone else, will spend more time hovering over the barbecued ribs and brownies than anywhere else.

It’s never easy to watch another team walk away with the trophy named Lombardi, but we’ll try to be gracious. Congratulations to the NewYork Giants and enjoy your reign as world champions.

We’ll see you next year.

If the line-up wasn’t perfect, at least the setting was.
Vince enjoyed some half-time entertainment with baby Patrick.
Lots of healthy color, but the big
hit is hidden in that crock pot. Ribs. Yum.
Badger, Packer and Brewer gnomes.
A specially made Packer rosary. We’ll get
’em next year!

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