Here’s to you, friends

Here’s to you, friends

Last night we toasted friendship as we rang in the New Year.  We raised our glasses to the people who make our lives fun, who challenge us, inspire us and feed us delicious food. We'll take any occasion to celebrate friendship, but New Year's seems especially appropriate. So, here's to our friends: To the drama [...]

An open thank you note to the four people brave enough to call me Mom

Today, I'm toasting my four children and the happy fact that I've been hosting Mother's Day celebrations every single day since July 8, 1987. Thank you to Charlie, Katherine, Vinnie and Molly: For eating my homemade chocolate chip cookies even though I almost always burnt the last pan. For storming in the front door, stomping [...]

10 reasons we don’t need 10 tips for how we should behave on Facebook

Recently, a slew of self-described social media experts have cluttered up the information highway with all sorts of dire etiquette warnings and self-righteous suggestions for how we should behave on Facebook. Here's why we don't need them (and neither do you): 1) We like your pictures. We really do. We don't click "like" indiscriminately (though [...]