Democracy is hard

Democracy is hard

Democracy is hard and it always has been. Those of us lucky enough to live in one occasionally forget that, while the battle to establish a democracy is finite, the fight to maintain one it is not. Through those struggles – by our military on actual battlefields and by our citizens around the dinner table [...]

My favorite sticker

I picked up my favorite sticker yesterday and it didn't cost me a dime. Of course, it wasn't free either. We all know that. I earned that sticker by casting my ballot although, even as I proudly stuck it on my sweater, just under my left collar-bone and above my heart, I understood that so [...]

No wasted vote

While most of my family already has voted, I will be casting my ballot tomorrow, on Election Day, and I can’t wait. I love to line up with my neighbors, greet the hopefully busy poll workers, take my assigned number to retrieve my ballot, bring it to the box, grab the pen and, carefully, work [...]