It came from Pogue’s

It came from Pogue’s

My elegant grandmother made shopping an occasion. She loved to dress up and head downtown to browse the big department stores like McAlpin's or Pogue's, where she'd cap off a rigorous round of selecting, modeling and purchasing outfits, with a trip to the ice cream bridge, an architectural wonder suspended over the second floor of [...]

The extraordinary impact of an ordinary life

Like the well-tailored clothes she chose with charming regularity, my Grandma left a legacy of timeless elegance. Yesterday would have been her 100th birthday and my mother urged us all to celebrate with a generous slice of chocolate fudge cake, her signature dessert. She also made perfect peach pie, bourbon balls and chocolate chip cookies, [...]

A step by stadium step guide to rising from a fall

In many ways, a devastating knee injury shaped my Dad's life. A scholarship player from a little coal mining town in Pennsylvania, Ron Kostelnik was just hitting his stride as a defensive tackle on the University of Cincinnati football team when a complete ACL and MCL tear threatened to end his career and any hopes [...]